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Mono Nordic Ski Club

The Mono Nordic Ski Club, a non-profit cross-country ski organization, approached me for assistance in refreshing their WordPress website and managing their social media platforms. Their primary concern was the labour-intensive process of manually posting trail condition updates across various social media channels. With a focus on user experience and efficiency, I aimed to maintain consistent membership sales seen during the pandemic and provide members and guests with up-to-date information on trail conditions, club events, and other communications.

IMG_0153-1024x576 copy.jpeg
Mono Nordic AI Auto Flow Chart (Blog Graphic) (Instagram Reel).png
Mono Nordic AI Auto Flow Chart (Blog Graphic) (Instagram Reel).png

AI-Automated Solution

To address the club's concern with manual trail condition updates, I devised a budget-friendly, AI-automated solution. This system allowed trail condition updates to be automatically posted to social media platforms whenever a groomer updated the website. This streamlined process saved time for the organization and ensured that members and guests received timely updates.

Website Refresh & User Experience

To achieve the club's main goal of maintaining consistent membership sales, I focused on refreshing the website with an emphasis on user experience. By making it easy for guests to purchase passes and find relevant information, I improved the overall functionality of the site, which translated to a more satisfying experience for members and guests.

Website Graphics YCA Revised.png

Email Communications & Analytics

Managing email communications through MailChimp, I ensured that members and guests were kept informed about club events and other important announcements during the ski season. Additionally, by analyzing analytics, I was able to gain insights into user behaviour and make data-driven decisions to further improve the website and marketing efforts.

Social Media Management

Monitoring social media for questions and concerns allowed me to maintain a strong connection with the club's audience. By being responsive and engaging, I helped foster a sense of community and trust, which contributed to the club's overall success.

Mono Nordic AI Auto Flow Chart (Blog Graphic) (Instagram Reel).png


As a result of these efforts, membership sales remained steady, meeting the club's goal of maintaining pandemic levels (which were the highest the club had seen in years). The improved website, streamlined trail condition updates, and efficient communication channels contributed to a more enjoyable experience for members and guests, ensuring the continued success of the Mono Nordic Ski Club for future ski seasons to come.

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