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About Me

My passion for marketing has always been a driving force in my life. From a young age, I was captivated by commercials and advertisements, not for the products themselves but for the creative strategies that made them so engaging. Iconic ads from the 90s, like Baby Bottle Pop and Kool-Aid's "Ohhh Yeah!" still resonate with me today. My curiosity for understanding the inner workings of these marketing ads led me to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Toronto Metropolitan University and a Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.

Working in the corporate world gave me a better grasp of applying marketing theories to a business's objectives. I thrived in a team environment, collaborating and innovating cross-functionally to generate fresh ideas and learn from their perspectives. However, in large organizations, it's easy to lose sight of the immediate impact of one's work. And I quickly learned that I was highly motivated by seeing concrete results.

Transitioning to a smaller company allowed me to witness firsthand the significant influence a marketing manager could have on a business's success. This experience eventually led me to freelance for small and medium-sized companies, where I enjoyed meeting new people and making a difference in the local community. Now, I'm eager to return to a team environment where I can continue to grow professionally with a talented group of individuals while making significant impacts in the marketing world- maybe even getting an award or another publication! 


Skills That Shine

Marketing Strategy  Social Media Marketing     Content Management    Content Development & Creation 
Project Management 
  Consumer Insights & Market Research    Community Engagement    Communication

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My Favourite Tech Tools

I'm always diving into various tech tools as part of my commitment to embracing innovation and pushing myself to learn and grow continuously. Currently, I'm on a journey to enhance my graphic design skills by mastering Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to deliver top-notch results to my clients. In addition, I'm working on obtaining digital marketing certifications such as Google Ads Search, Google Analytics, HubSpot Content Marketing, and Semrush SEO Tool Kit. I'm excited about the progress I'm making and can't wait to share my newfound knowledge with you all. 

Experience Highlights

Fun Facts

Congrats! You made it to the end! 


Now you get to learn the fun stuff and get to see cute pictures of my spoiled grumpy miniature schnauzer, Duke.  I love to take long walks by the beach..wait this isn't this type of bio, oops- just kidding.


I love being creative and currently I'm really into sewing and digitally drawing. I've also recently reconnected with an old love of mine, improv and stand up, so I've been going to classes for that at Second City.


One of my favourite things is understanding cultures, and so of course, travelling has been a huge interest of mine. I've been to Japan, Thailand, Greece, and El Salvador, and different parts of the U.S.  


I really enjoy watching pro wrestling and have been obsessed about attending live indie shows (Demand Lucha & Destiny Wrestling do a fantastic show if you're interested).


Oh, did I mention I can eat tubs and tubs of ice cream, I've climbed Mount Olympus, and I once won a watermelon-eating contest. Smashing your face into the watermelon does the trick. 

I have many stories, but I really think we should chat in person! 

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