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The Sewing Cafe

The Sewing Cafe, a fabric store and local sewing school was undergoing a significant transition. With one owner retiring and the other assuming full ownership, the store needed assistance navigating this change. I stepped in to provide support in business, marketing, and digital marketing strategy. My goal was to reposition The Sewing Cafe as a vibrant, creative community and space for individuals to share ideas and inspiration, going beyond just sewing lessons.


Research & Strategy

To begin, I conducted thorough research to understand the local competitors, their offerings, and The Sewing Cafe's current position in consumers' minds. From this research, I devised a strategy to rebrand the sewing cafe, focusing on a more youthful, creative sewing community and craft space. This new direction aimed to engage and inspire the community in a way that would set The Sewing Cafe apart from its competitors.

Content & Community

One of my strengths is qualitative research, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in the sewing community through ethnography and netnography. I created content, including photography, videos, and digital content, that resonated with the community and showcased the rebranded image. By engaging with the community, I was able to create brand content that truly reflected the needs and desires of the sewing enthusiasts I was targeting.

Melissa Lowery The Sewing Cafe_edited.jpg

Growing Brand Presence

To further enhance The Sewing Cafe's brand presence, I expanded its social media networks by connecting with influencers like Melissa Lowery and established a partnership with the well-known sewing magazine, Seamwork. These connections helped to strengthen The Sewing Cafe's position in the sewing community, reaching a larger audience and attracting new customers.

Data Driven Recommendations

By analyzing Shopify analytics, I was able to make data-driven recommendations on which classes and inventory were performing well. One such recommendation was the addition of a bucket hat class, which quickly sold out and became part of the children's summer camp. My partnership with Seamwork also allowed us to expand fabric sales outside of Canada, increasing revenue and international brand recognition.

Copy of October 31 Serger Sale and 25% Off Knits.png

Marketing Management 

During my time at The Sewing Cafe, I functioned as their marketing manager, establishing marketing goals, KPIs, and devising a strategy for the rest of the year. I implemented these strategies through content management and email marketing of promotional events, and I initiated a newsletter to keep subscribers and current students engaged with events, sewing tips, and exciting sewing projects happening at the store.

Analytics & Customer Engagement

As part of my ongoing efforts, I analyzed social media and MailChimp analytics to better understand our audience and measure the success of my marketing efforts. Additionally, I responded to customer DMs, fostering a strong connection between The Sewing Cafe and its community of sewing enthusiasts.

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Spring Inspo Post 2022 .jpeg


By helping The Sewing Cafe navigate this transitional period, we successfully rebranded the store as a youthful, creative community sewing space that engaged and inspired its community. Through a combination of research, content creation, data-driven recommendations, and marketing management, The Sewing Cafe was able to grow its brand presence, attract new customers, and solidify its position as a beloved sewing destination for creatives.

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